The building at 126 W. Michigan Avenue in downtown Ypsilanti was constructed by Walter B. Hewitt between 1836 and 1854, and has been in current owner Joe Lawrence's family since 1854. Along with 128 and 130 W. Michigan, it was known as the "W.B. Hewitt Brick Block".

After a history housing, variously, a wig shop, restaurant, women's clothing store, and, finally, optometrist's office, the building sat empty for a decade before Jenifer Albaum rehabilitated the ground floor to house her clothing and craftster consignment shop Henrietta Fahrenheit in 2002. After Albaum moved her store to Nickels Arcade in Ann Arbor, the building briefly housing Unveiled Dance Studio in 2006. As of late 2007, Simply DeVine Cards-N-Gifts is slated to open the space.