It's too soon to call them riots, but after the 2013 Michigan NCAA basketball championship loss to Louisville the night of April 8, 2013 there were several incidents of vandalism and fires.

Aerial photo, Local 4: photo

Story with video, Damn Arbor: A night of mournful couch fires Several fires set in Ann Arbor Michigan Daily: Fires lit in Ann Arbor streets after loss.

Follow up story, Ann Arbor com: 2 U-M students charged; Michigan Daily, Wrestlers arraigned.


Arch Street at White Street (between State and Packard, near Yost Ice Arena) (not confirmed; may be McKinley fire)

McKinley Street at White Street; photo. photo

Near East Jefferson Street and Hamilton Place, "large bonfire", reports of "pulling stop signs out of the ground".

Michigan St. and East University, "couch on fire" 12:18 AM

Ingalls and Kingsley, couch fire 12:20 AM

Church and Prospect, items in the road on fire close to vehicles, 12:30 AM. Ann video.

Lincoln and Hill, stop sign ripped from the ground, scanner report 12:42 AM

Near Baldwin and Cambridge, 1:09 AM, fire in road, suspect seen running from scene

Hoover and Brown Street (U of Michigan parking lot), per Michigan Daily account