What do you know about the 2016-01-27 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting, to be held Wednesday January 27 2016 at 6:00 p.m. in City Council chambers?

See the meeting agenda for detail.

Agenda items

  • Approval of minutes of 2015-12-16 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting
  • E-1, 221 West Davis. ZBA15-026. Three setback variances. Maven Development is the developer. "The petitioner intends to use this property as a single-family home."
  • E-2, 1901 Austin Avenue. ZBA15-028. Three setback variances. "The petitioner is proposing to demolish the existing home and build a new single- family residence using the existing foundation for a 2,750 square foot Tudor style home. The current zoning requirements were established after the home was built."
  • E-3. 730 Spring Street. ZBA16-001. Front setback variance. "The petitioner is proposing to tear down the existing front porch and build a new front porch that is deeper and wider than the current porch. The new porch will measure 8 feet by 23 feet 8 inches. The home is currently undergoing an extensive renovation."

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