What do you know about 220 West Ann Street?

The house at 220 W Ann first appears in City Directories in 1894 as #24 West Ann, the home of the physician John Rose. The Roses occupied the house until 1912, when engineer George Ristine is listed as the occupant. George and later his wife Alice lived there until 1939. The two story house features a gable front, cut stone foundation, and prominent front bay window. Though the roof of the rear wing has been altered, the form and footprint of the house is unchanged from what’s shown on the 1899 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map. 

Timeline: 220 West Ann Street

December 21, 2015. Ann Arbor City Council agenda, 15-1457. "Approval of this resolution will allow for the conversion of an existing 1,928 square foot, 3 unit rental house into a 2,752 square foot, 5 unit rental house by finishing the basement into two (2) additional rental units and raising the northern second story roof approximately 8 feet to match the existing roof line and create occupiable floor area, and approval of a new front porch facing North First Street, and construction of a covered exterior stairwell at the southeast corner of the building leading to the two (2) additional basement rental units."

October 20, 2015. 220 West Ann Street Addition Site Plan for City Council Approval - A proposal to add a second story to the rear of the existing building, construct a front porch facing North First Street and construct a covered exterior stairwell at the northeast corner of the building located on this 0.1 acre parcel. (Ward 1) Staff Recommendation: Approval. 15-1292