What do you know about 330 Maynard Street?

At some point along the way the street numbering was changed, and this turned into two storefronts - 326 Maynard Street and 328 Maynard Street.

This structure burned in the 2023 Maynard Street fire.

Businesses at that location

Dates approximate, compiled from "Old News" photos and stories.

India Art Shop, 1956-1971

Episcopal Student Foundation / Canterbury House, 1965-1971.

Students International Store. 1971.

Pinball Alley, 1971.

Salvation Records, 1971.

Studio 330, 1974. Clothing.

Eden Foods, 1973.

Sun Bakery, 1974. 

Casablanca Cafe.

Shahrayar, 1995.


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