A proposed South Pond Village development would be built on a parcel at 3850 East Huron River Drive, with plans developed in 2015.

3850 E. Huron River Drive: Timeline

  • 2015-06-01 The address 3850 E. Huron River Drive appears on the June 1, 2015 agenda of the Ann Arbor City Council in connection with the South Pond site plan approval. Approval of the resolution would allow for the construction of 73 single-family homes with public streets on a vacant, 36.2 acre parcel zoned R1B (Single-Family Dwelling District). The project would include storm water controls and landscape buffers. The project will also include the dedication to the city of a one-acre public park. The item appears on the City Council's agenda with a recommendation of denial from the City Planning Commission, which voted 2-6 in favor of approval on April 7, 2015.