A fire at 928 S State St in Ann Arbor on April 3, 2010 caused extensive damage to the house and resulted in the death of one of the residents and injuries to several others.

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Overnight last night, there were three fires in Ann Arbor. All began outside student housing. All are under investigation. The most serious, which began on the porch of a rental house, sent three people to the hospital. One, Eastern Michigan University senior Renden LeMaster, subsequently died. To put this in some perspective, during 2006 (the most recent statistics I could find), the Ann Arbor Fire Department responded to 322 fire calls, less than one a day, and many of these were for situations that did not require them to put out a fire (e.g. burnt toast). So three is a lot, and someoned dying is a very big deal.

That blaze - which injured two other people - was one of several overnight fires considered suspicious. Although officials have not said the fires are arson, the University of Michigan Department of Public Safety issued a warning Saturday, urging students to be careful and report suspicious activity to police.