Text AAATA 483 to 41411 for real time information about AAATA bus service inbound at Packard and Granger serving AAATA Route 5 to downtown Ann Arbor and the Blake Transit Center.

For general information, a trip planner, and fare information, see How To Ride The Bus.

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Text AAATA 483 to 41411

Nearby bus stops

  • Inbound, previous time point: AAATA 481, Packard and Stadium
  • Inbound, previous stop: AAATA 482, Packard and Shadford
  • Inbound, next stop: AAATA 484, Packard and Dewey
  • Inbound, next time point: AAATA 1778, Thompson and Madison
  • Outbound, across the street:
  • Route 6 and 62, inbound: AAATA 570, State and Granger
  • Route 6 and 62, outbound; 
  • Route 64, to Pioneer:
  • Route 64, to UM Hospital

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