AAATA Route 23 is the Plymouth Road bus. 

Current routing as of August 2023:

There is a lot of route history below, from the bad old days when there were multiple 23 routes to get confused by. Now (2024) there are really only two options: some buses go to the Green Road Park and Ride, and all routes stop at the Plymouth Road Park and Ride

Historical routings and changes

Route changes effective January 2010

Route 2 will be split into three routes. Route 2A Plymouth/Green North; Route 2B Plymouth/Georgetown; Route 2C Plymouth/Green South. Details are available, but there are no route maps yet.

Proposed route changes

The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority has requested input on changes to AATA Route 2 to take effect after the construction of the new Plymouth Road Park and Ride lot is completed.

The proposed changes include adding a new Route 602, replacing the current Route 2X; moving the terminus of Route 2 to the new park and ride lot; eliminating the "North Neighborhood" routing in favor of a Route 2A to travel along Nixon Road and Green Road; and adding service on a new Route 23 to run between Traver Village and Glacier Hills via Green Road.

The Plymouth Road Park and Ride lot is expected to be complete .... It was approved on .... and is being build by contractor ... at a cost of $...., with funding provided by .... The lot is located .... (map)

The current Route 23 service is a busy route, serving the University of Michigan Hospital and Central Campus as destinations, and picking up passengers from the current Green Road Park and Ride lot as well as along apartments and homes along Plymouth Road. Riders inbound of Nixon Road are regularly left at their stops on morning runs because the buses are full, according to ....

The AATA Board of Directors is expected to make a decision at its November 18, 2009 board meeting.

Route changes May 2016



The route 2 is renumbered to the 23


Current routing

Route 23, Plymouth, starts on Fourth Avenue, outside the Blake Transit Center mall. It goes north on Fourth Avenue for two blocks, east on Washington Street four blocks, and then runs through Central Campus and the Medical Campus on Thayer Street, North University Avenue, Geddes Avenue, Observatory Street, and East Medical Center Drive. Exiting the Medical Center to the north, the route follows Maiden Lane to Plymouth Road, then Plymouth 2 miles (3.2 km) east to Nixon Road, stopping at the Plymouth Road Mall and Traver Village Shopping Center.

After the Plymouth/Nixon malls stop, the route is split: alternating runs are designated North Neighborhood or South Neighborhood.

Nixon Road north 1 mile (1.6 km) to Green Road, Green east and south 1.75 miles (2.8 km) to the University's Green Road Park and Ride lot.

  • Evening runs serve both the North and South neighborhoods, running from Plymouth Mall on Nixon to Green, then following Green all the way to Glazier and serving Glacier Hills.

Both neighborhood routings return to downtown along the same route, except downtown where they use Fifth Avenue to reach Blake rather than Fourth.

Weekdays the route runs four times every hour, leaving Blake 3 minutes past every quarter hour from 6:48am to 6:18pm. Runs leaving at :18 and :48 serve the South Neighborhood; runs leaving downtown at :03 and :33 serve the North Neighborhood; in both cases it takes 34 minutes to get from downtown to the far end, and 38 to return. From 6:18 to 10:18 pm, the route runs twice every hour, serving both neighborhoods (during the summer and University of Michigan breaks, only hourly service is provided). Saturdays the route runs hourly in the morning, leaving Blake 48 minutes past every hour, from 8:48am to 12:48pm, and serving only the South neighborhood; and twice hourly in the afternoon, leaving Blake 18 and 48 minutes past every hour from 1:18pm to 5:18pm, alternating the neighborhood served. Sundays the route runs hourly, leaving Blake 48 minutes past every hour from 8:48am to 5:48pm and serving only the South neighborhood.

Timepoints and Major Destinations

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