Route 1, Pontiac--Dhu Varren, starts in the Blake Transit Center mall. It goes south on Fourth Avenue for half a block, east on William Street two blocks, and then heads north about .6 miles (1 km) on Division Street. At the end of Division, the route follows the turn into Broadway, crossing the Broadway Bridges, then turns left on Moore Street, then right on Pontiac Trail. It takes Pontiac north for 1.7 miles (2.7 km) to Dhu Varren Road, where it turns right. It runs the entire 1.4 mile (2.25 km) length of Dhu Varren to Nixon Road, then half a mile south to Traver Road. The route then turns west, running half a mile down Traver to Tuebingen Road. At Tuebingen it turns south, following the road as it becomes Huron Parkway, then turns south on Nixon again to stop at Traver Village Shopping Center, taking Plymouth back to Huron Parkway. It runs another half-mile south on Huron Parkway to Hubbard Road, then runs through North Campus on Hubbard, Hayward, Beal Avenue, and Bonisteel Boulevard to North Campus Commons. Pontiac--Dhu Varren then returns to downtown by Murfin Avenue, Hubbard Road, Huron Parkway, Plymouth Road, Nixon Road, Huron Parkway, Tuebingen Parkway, Traver Road, Nixon Road, Dhu Varren Road, Pontiac Trail, Swift Street, Broadway Bridges, Beakes Street, and Fifth Avenue.

There is a convenient indoor waiting place at Sweetwaters in Kerrytown for the inbound #1. The immediate previous timepoint is Beakes and Summit at :08 and :38.

Weekdays the route runs twice every hour, leaving Blake 18 minutes past every half hour from 6:48am to 6:18pm; it takes half an hour to reach North Campus and another half hour to return downtown. From 6:18 to 10:18 pm, the route runs once every hour. Weekends the route runs hourly, leaving Blake 18 minutes past every hour, from 8:18am to 6:18pm. Sundays the route runs only from downtown to Dhu Varren Road, turning around at Food Gatherers and returning to downtown half an hour after leaving.

Timepoints and Major Destinations