AATA Route 8 was the Pauline bus. This route has been renumbered and somewhat redesigned, and is now known as AAATA Route 28.

Historical text

The map below is somewhat of an experiment to determine how effective it might be to code outbound and inbound segments of the same path using different colors. Verdict: still not great. This, after redrawing the map so that the path is exactly on top of the appropriate side of the road. At higher zoom levels, at least, this give an implicit cue as to which direction the bus is headed. And it gives a systematic and uniform separation to overlapping paths. Overlapping paths tend to blur together on the view many readers would want: the one that gives an overview of the entire route.

Route 8, Pauline, starts in the Blake Transit Center mall. It goes south on Fourth Avenue for half a block, west on William Street a block, and then heads south about .75 miles (1.2 km) on Main Street. At Pauline Boulevard it turns west, running the entire 1.6 mile (2.6 km) length of the road to Maple Road. It runs north on Maple a mile (1.6 km) to Stadium Boulevard, then executes a sharp right turn, heading southeast on Stadium a mile back to Pauline, returning to Downtown via Pauline and Main.

Weekdays the route runs twice every hour, leaving Blake 18 minutes past every half hour from 6:48am to 6:18pm, returning 27 minutes later. From 6:18 to 10:18 pm, the route runs once every hour. Weekends the route runs hourly, leaving Blake 18 minutes past every hour, from 8:18am to 5:18pm.

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