AFSCME Local 3052 represents employees of Washtenaw County.

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Without discussion, the board gave final approval to a two-year collective bargaining agreement with AFSCME Local 3052, representing 52 general supervisors. The agreement had been ratified by its membership, and had received initial approval from commissioners at their Jan. 18, 2012 meeting.

A major piece of the budget discussions over the past year – focused on eliminating a projected two-year, $30 million deficit – included talks with the 17 bargaining units representing about 80% of the county’s 1,350 employees. Many units, representing the majority of union workers, have already ratified concessions, which the board also has approved. At their Dec. 2 meeting, the board will be asked to approve new collective bargaining agreements with two additional units: AFSCME Local 3052, and non-union workers at the sheriff’s department.