Aaron Guest was a printer and publisher in Ypsilanti, 1848-1850.

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History of Ypsilanti newspapers written in 1863 Business Directory says, " The first paper printed in Ypsilanti was called the "Ypsilanti Republican". It commenced its existence in July 1838 and was edited and published by John W. Wallace. It was issued about a year and a half, and ceased to be. In December, 1843, The "Ypsilanti Sentinel" was commenced by J.W. Van Fossen (1844) who was soon suceeded by Charles Woodruff, who continued it until 1848 when its publication was suspended for about two years. During most of this two years, "The Ypsilanti Chronicle" was published by Aaron Guest. In 1850, the "Sentinel" again resumed and has appeared weekly, with a good degree of regularity under the guidance of Mr. Woodruff, its editor and proprietor. "