Alan Haber is director of the Megiddo Peace Project, He was the first president of the Students for a Democratic Society, elected in 1960. Alan speaks regularly at Ann Arbor City Council meetings, and is a vigorous advocate for public space and a commons on the Library Lot downtown space.

Holocaust Denial

In social media posts and mail to Ann Arbor City Council members Haber has engaged in Holocaust denial, and other conspiracy theories. See for example this Facebook post.


June 6, 2016. Alan Haber speaks to Ann Arbor City Council public comment time, announcing that the Library Lot question will be on the fall 2016 ballot.

September 2010. ’60s activist Alan Haber predicts today’s ‘enslaved’ students will rise again, Washtenaw Voice

January 2009. Ayers and Dohrn at Hatcher Library: Event sponsored by Shaman Drum draws more than 300, Ann Arbor Chronicle, 

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