Where: On Pauline Boulevard, between Main Street and Seventh Street. There is a bus stop on AAATA Route 28, the Pauline bus. Hutchins Avenue is a low stress route from West Stadium to the park.

Amenities: 2 baseball diamonds, public restrooms, tennis courts, basketball courts and a children's playground on the heavily oak shaded west side of the park.

Summary: Great neighborhood park -- about 4 square blocks in size it was originally donated to the city as a school site. It has a mix of open spaces and oak woods. In the spring, Lilacs along the southwest edge blossom. Lots of folks come here to fly kites, run with their dogs, chase their kids around the baseball diamonds practice martial arts and picnic. On game day, the picnic areas of the park are all claimed, often 3-4 hours before the game. The kid's playground makes a good birthday spot.

Allmendinger Park: Timeline

  • 2015-May-4 Allmendinger Park appears on the May 4, 2015 agenda of the Ann Arbor City Council as part of a $168,595 contract with Best Asphalt to rebuild the tennis and basketball courts at Allmendinger and Hunt Park. From the staff memo accompanying the resolution: "The City has been making improvements to existing tennis and basketball courts that are in disrepair. The Allmendinger and Hunt Park courts were first constructed in 1965 and top coated in the mid 1970's. The court surfaces have multiple cracks, and the bases are in disrepair and require a complete rebuild. Additionally, the courts were undersized when they were originally constructed, and this improvement will increase the size of the tennis courts to provide adequate safety buffers." The Park Advisory Commission recommended approval of the contract at its April 21, 2015 meeting.

Allmendiger Park: Details

Caveats: Limited parking on Hutchins Avenue (West side) and Pauline Boulevard (North side). Vigorous parking enforcement by the city and neighbors of the park.

Neighborhood email list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aaberkley

Named after David Allmendinger

Parks On The Air

Park AA-001. Please describe any ham radio activations. Where is a good place to set up an antenna? What is the grid square locator and elevation?