The Ann Arbor Alliance was an organization set up around 2005, in conjunction with the New West Side Association. The Alliance's goals were stated as,

The Ann Arbor Alliance is a nascent coalition of student-renter neighborhood associations that work together to advance and protect student and renter issues within the city.

At this point, there is only one such member association, the New West Side, which is leading the effort to develop new member associations and to begin influencing the development and political discourse of Ann Arbor. We need your help! If you are interested in organizing your neighbors into a vocal group that participates in local politics, and works with community institutions like the university and the city housing bureau to ensure affordability, tenants' rights, and ecologically sound development, please contact us at the NWS/AAA. Let's use our significant numbers in this community to assert our power and set our own agenda for Ann Arbor.

This group has disbanded as leaders have left town.

Not to be confused with the Alliance of Neighborhoods, the Ann Arbor Alliance had a generally pro-urban development standpoint, while Alliance of Neighborhoods is explicitly anti-development.

Thanks for the update and pdf file of your Observer article. Just 5 years after the announcement of the New West Side Association (NWSA) and this “movement” is folding its tent and moving on. The NWSA, the Ann Arbor Alliance, Ann Arbor is Overrated and ArborUpdate embodied that youthful smugness that looks down its nose at taxpaying, home-owning, breeders like me. The ArborWiki entry for the Ann Arbor Alliance quotes the group’s intention to “use our significant numbers in this community to assert our power and set our own agenda for Ann Arbor.” Instead, they are leaving those unaccomplished goals behind like an abandoned porch couch. Jack Eaton, quoted on Local in Ann Arbor [1]