Farm Fresh Fridays are a project of the Ann Arbor Farm to School Collaboration whose members are:

2009-2010 season

The Ann Arbor Public Schools is happy to announce that Farm Fresh Features (formerly Farm Fresh Fridays) is back, providing our students with fresh Southeastern Michigan-grown produce every Wednesday and Friday in September and October. The Friday items are served in the Fruit and Veggie bars at the elementary schools, and are made available for the taking at the secondary schools. We will be featuring a farm fresh item on the cafeteria menu each Wednesday as well. Those items will be served as part of the hot lunch. All Farm Fresh Features will be available to all students whether or not they purchase hot lunch.

2007 season

In the news:

Carefully balanced on lunch trays next to pizza, cheeseburgers and French fries, the large pieces of watermelon flew out of the serving area in Ann Arbor's Forsythe Middle School's lunchroom Friday.

Student after student found room for the fresh fruit, cleaning out each serving tray almost as soon as it came out of the kitchen.

That's exactly what members of the Ann Arbor Farm to School Collaboration wanted to see - students enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables as part of Farm Fresh Fridays.