The Potters Guild is a cooperative non-profit organization consisting of approximately forty members who share the responsibility and administration of the studio. Our work ranges from functional pottery to sculpture, tile work, and wearable art. Firing techniques include low fire oxidation, raku, smoke firing, as well as high fire reduction. Our Guild sales are on the first weekends of June and December. We also display in the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair and various galleries.

Studio at 201 Hill Street.

Members of the guild include Ethel Potts.

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MR. LITTLETON: [Laughter.] We put the wheel in the studio. And they said, well, can you make us two more? So I made some more. And, then they hired me to teach them to throw. And that's how the Ann Arbor Potters Guild got started and, incidentally, just celebrated its 50th anniversary with an exhibition, and so on, in Ann Arbor. They own a building. They have a very going thing. I've got the catalog of the 50-year anniversary thing here somewhere.