Ann Arbor SPARK is a local economic development agency. Paul Krutko is CEO, replacing Michael Finney who joined the Rick Snyder administration in 2011.

Funding for SPARK comes in part from taxes captured by the LDFA.

SPARK is a not-for-profit, and is not subject to FOIA requests. Its audited financial statements for 2006 through 2012 were made available in 2013 through a FOIA request to the State of Michigan, as the affiliated SPARK Foundation has to file these reports with the Charitable Trust division with the State of Michigan Attorney General.

The agency also operates SPARK East, a downtown Ypsilanti operation that provides business incubator and meeting space.

SPARK was founded in 2005, replacing the Washtenaw Development Council. It later merged with the IT Zone.

More info 2012 audited finanical statements2006-2011 audited financial statements.

Twitter: @AnnArborSPARK

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