Ann Arbor Small Business Summer Kickball League was founded by Sanford Bledsoe III in 2007. Audrey Karlstad is league co-commissioner for the 2010 season.

2010 season

Ghostly International defeated the Fleetwood Diner's Fighting Earls team for the 2010 championship.

According to Karlstad, this year's league participants included Arbor Vitae, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Digital Ops, 8 Ball Saloon, Fleetwood Diner, Ghostly International, Leon's Speakers, The Vault of Midnight (called Megaforce 734, their team includes members of the Bang! dance party crew), Mich Haus Student Co-op, REI, Sava's, Village Corner, and WCBN.

2009 season

The Ann Arbor Small Business Summer Kickball League features teams from Vault of Midnight, 8-Ball, People's Food Coop, Fleetwood Diner, and Digital Ops. The 2009 season is its third.

"There were all these people that we kind of knew from different cliques, different groups," she says. "It's a way to bring people together. ... Just playing an elementary school game."