Ann Arbor in the 20th Century: A Photographic History is a 2002 book by Grace Shackmanpublished by Arcadia Publishing.

Book description from the publisher:

Ann Arbor began the 20th century as a modest manufacturing and farm trading center with a small co-existing university community. By the end of the century, Ann Arbor had developed into a cosmopolitan city, home to people from all over the world. Ann Arbor in the 20th Century details the important developments that occurred over a period of 100 years, as residents witnessed the growth of its neighborhoods, schools, shopping areas, and social services. Enormous changes to the physical landscape of the town-brought about by innovations in architecture, the influence of industry and entertainment, and the transition from horse-drawn vehicles to automobiles-are all documented through this collection of photographs. Images of famous visitors, such as Carrie Nation railing against alcohol and President Kennedy introducing the Peace Corps, are included.