The Apple Heritage Museum is a traveling collection of the history of the apple and its uses in Washtenaw County. Exhibits include apple coring, peeling, and cider making equipment, maps and inventory of local apple trees, and a recipe collection.

The museum is run by J. Amadeaus Scott and has exhibited at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market and at the Pittsfield Grange's Apple Day.

In the news

At todays exhibit, Amadeaus had apple pie. In talking to her about the project, she hopes to eventual have a space for the museum. I for one would visit a museum that offered free apple pie samples to visitors. In fact what museum would not benefit from offering pie.

The Apple Heritage Museum of Huron Valley is a unique institution in its collection and focus. Initially created in 2009 by J. Amadeaus Scott, the Museum’s collection is used as a vehicle for storytelling Ann Arbor’s agricultural past, both through the objects themselves and through the apple trees left in the local landscape. The dialogue generated within the museum space through interaction and connection with the objects is at the core of the museum’s mission.