Users Ed and Murph have begun working on pages relating to Washtenaw County's 19th century and early 20th century industrial and related history. Some relevant categories include Category:Paper Mills, Category:Dams, Category:Industry, Category:History, Category:Doomed buildings, Category:Lost Ypsilanti, and Category:Lost Ann Arbor.

Ways you can help:

  • Provide biographies of historical industrialists. See, for example, Cornelius Cornwell. (This will also help with user HD's goal of building up Category:People.)
  • Provide pages on historic industrial buildings, whether they remain standing or not.
  • Track down dates, employment figures, exact locations, and pictures for the people and places included in these categories.
  • Union history and radical history should be rich veins to dig into, though nobody's started yet!
  • Work on a time-based categorization standard, either something like "1860s", or "Party Like It's 186x", or something else entirely.
  • Pictures pictures pictures! Whether these are taken from old sources (make sure they're public domain!) or are current pictures of the site/structure/product, these pages need photos badly!

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