The Askwith Media Library, formerly the Film and Video Library, is one of the largest of its kind anywhere. It holds over 30,000 titles on DVD, Blu-ray, 16mm, videotape, audio book and other formats in a mid-sized room on the second floor and in remote storage. Askwith home page (

The library, located on the second floor of the Shapiro Library (Room 2002) on the University of Michigan's Central Campus, is named after alumnus Bertram Askwith.

To borrow from the Askwith, customers will need University of Michigan affiliation either as a member of the Mcommunity or having purchased a library card. Purchased library cards provide access to most if not all the University Libraries have to offer. However anyone is welcome to come in and watch one of our items or use the SHOAH archive at the Askwtih Media Library, using one of our viewing stations, as long as they have photo identification.