The BOX House at 933 S. State St. is owned by Arch Realty. It is notable for its pre-game football parties.

In the news

The 900 block of South State Street is known for its raucous tailgates on football Saturdays. But if the Ann Arbor City Attorney’s Office has anything to say about it, then maize and blue clad fans, spilling into the sidewalks at the corner of State Street and Hoover Street from the BOX House and other properties, could be a thing of the past.

As a resident of Hoover and tailgate thrower, this is surprising and upsetting. Our house has been the target of a few party trash violations but this seems little over the top. I think like the guy quoted in the article, many of us moved here specifically for Saturday atmosphere.

Out of pure excitement and anticipation for the September 5th UM/WMU football game, I have decided to let our loyal readers get a glimpse of what a BOX house tailgate entails. It is certainly not for the drinkers who are weak at heart but is a hell of a time for those who can keep up. Here is an example of a typical tailgate.