The BTB Party Bus web site is down, their phone number is out of service, and their Twitter and Facebook pages are dormant. The bartender at BTB cantina said the shuttle has been shut down for a year and a half (as of summer 2013). There were problems with the car and the company could not afford to maintain it. Interestingly, He also said the shuttle service was not owned by the same company as the cantina / burrito joint.  

How it was

BTB Party Bus -- download vcard


Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.; Available for rent Sunday and Monday
Phone: 734-274-4208
Handicap access:
Owner: Rishi Narayan, Adam Lowenstein, and Justin Herrick

The BTB Party Bus provides grease propelled door to door shared ride bus service to addresses in Ann Arbor. The approximate service zone is east of Huron Parkway within the freeway ring. Rides nearest to the University of Michigan campus are $2, with more distant locations $4 or 6. A service zone map tells all.

The bus is run by BTB Burrito and uses waste oil from its fryers as fuel.

Web site

In the news

Also in the works: a GPS-based tracking system that will let customers pull up a map on their iPhone or computer and see the Party Bus's location in real time.