Banditos is a California-style Mexican restaurant on Fourth Avenue between Washington and Liberty.

Open for lunch and dinner, beer and wine available. Much of the food is deep fried in one way or another. Their enchalada sauce is bright orange and very tasty.

216 S 4th Ave, Ann Arbor, 48104 - (734) 996-0234


"I know 99 percent of my customers," says Kanwar Sandhanwalia, whose mother, Kiran Sandhanwalia, has owned Bandito's Mexican Restaurant since 1997. The family is from India, but when the business became available for sale, they jumped at the chance to take on this cuisine. "There are too many Indian restaurants in this town," making for tougher competition, Kanwar Sandhanwalia says. He says that the homemade sauces, including salsa and guacamole that are made fresh daily, keep people coming back.