BARNARD PLATING COMPANY Copper - Zinc - Nickel - Cadmium - Chromium METAL FINISHING

A 1.2-acre parcel at 1943 Jackson Avenue, west of Hillside Terrace Retirement Center, is unzoned. The city’s planning staff recommended that it be rezoned to R4C (multi-family dwelling), compatible with the surrounding residential area and recommended in the city’s West Area plan. The site – the former location for the Barnard Plating factory – includes a single-family home and a brick building. According to the staff report, the property owner has indicated that the proposed rezoning is acceptable.

Site 13 - The old Barnard Plating Company and a single-family residential home exist on this small 1.2 acre site, located on the south side of Jackson Avenue, between Glendale and Burwood. The Hillside Terrace Retirement Center is to the east and the Jackson West Apartments are located west of the site. Across Jackson Avenue, to the north, are the Granview and Fairview Heights single-family subdivisions. Multiple-family dwellings are located to the south. Although the Barnard Plating factory building remains on the property, it has not been in operation for some time, and any redevelopment would likely require a clean-up of the site since there is a strong possibility of contamination. Assuming that contamination can be mitigated, multiple-family residential uses at the R4C density standards are recommended for the site. This recommendation is justified by its compatibility with the surrounding multiple-family uses, as well as the need for additional multiple-family residential uses in the area.

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