Ann Arbor is known for its selection of Korean food. Here is a short list of places in town that serve bi bim bop.

Variant spellings: be bim bop, bi bim bap. "Bap" means "rice", "bi bim" is "to mix". Sometimes it's served as "dol sot bi bim bop", which puts the whole thing in a hot stone bowl leaving a sizzling rice crust (locally, the "dol sot" variant is known to be available at Arirang, BeWon,  Pacific Rim (lunch only), Rich JC , Saica, and Seoul Garden.

Currently in business

Gone but not forgotten


  • a bowl full of rice, topped with
  • blanched or marinated vegetables (e.g. carrot, bean sprouts, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms)
  • bulgogi style beef, chicken, or tofu
  • and a fried egg on top
  • served with a spicy red pepper paste aka kochujang and sometimes sesame oil

Links to recipes

To see what a typical B3 looks like, have a look at Bi Bim Bop on Flickr.

Linda Sue Park's children's book Bee Bim Bop is a fun read and has a good recipe.