Bill Harmer is the director of the Chelsea District Library.

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A: The library receiving the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Library Journal’s Best Small Library in America Award was unquestionable our greatest accomplishment since I’ve been here. The way I have always explained it to people outside of our profession is that it is the equivalent of winning the Super Bowl, or World Series, or Academy Award for Best Motion Picture. It is like reaching the summit of Mount Everest; and nobody can ever take that away from us. We will always be able to carry around that calling card.

The tuneful and loud Detroit indie rock trio The High Strung later this month launches its Second National Rock & Roll Library Tour, visiting at least 35 libraries from New York to California. Two years ago, Bill Harmer, then a teen librarian in Michigan, organized a statewide tour after booking the band at his library; now, head of adult services at the Chelsea District Library, MI, he’s the librarian organizing the national tour. LJ’s Norman Oder talked to Harmer.

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