The Blue Front Persuaders was a 1980s Ann Arbor blues/swing band. The six piece combo played jump-blues, ‘40s and ‘50s R & B, and swing. The lineup varied over the years. The band was founded by Steve Wethy on piano (a.k.a Steve Lucky) and Marc Russell on Drums. Early members included Charlie Tysklind on tenor sax, Todd Perkins and Jake Lewandowski on bass, Karl Dyke on baritone sax, and Bob Cantu on guitar. Brophy Dale was an early member, on guitar.

This picture shows the 1987 incarnation of the band with Buddy Love (baritone sax), Stanley Mizerny (bass), Marc Russell, Denny Alles (trumpet) and Dan Covret (tenor sax). Guitarist Pat Lewondowski is not pictured. Photo:

Other members included Dennis Hack (guitar), Jake Lewondowski (bass), Smoky Link (tenor sax), Phil Poteet (drums), Tom Smith (tenor sax), Jeff Waugh (bass and violin), John Pagels (guitar).