The Bona Sera Supper Club is a "clandestine dining club in Ann Arbor, Michigan." Led by "Wonder Woman", "Bad Fairy", and "Fuego", they host monthly dinners with entertainment at seeekrit undisclosed locations around town.

Having seen success with their underground adventures, the Bona Sera crew opened up the Bona Sera Cafe at 200 W. Michigan Ave in Ypsilanti in 2012.


Bona Sera’s style follows two basic threads. In one, epitomized by the Tom Yam Shrimp with Grits, they do fusion-y dishes which may be discordant in concept but are totally harmonious in taste.  In the other (the Surfy Turfy is a good example), they get their hands on excellent ingredients and do as little as possible to them in order to bring out their taste.  What this means is that both thrill-seekers and more conservative diners can find things to like. 


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