Brookville is a "populated place" in Salem Township, located at Brookville Rd at Salem Rd.


4b "Early Families and Houses of Brookville"

The First Wesleyan Methodist Church of Salem was organized in a school-house on section 33, in 1841, with David Norton as class-leader, and Joseph Lapham, first steward. The first annual conference was held in that school-house, where also was formed the first church discipline. Marcus Swift, Samuel Bibbins and Orin Doolittle were the first preachers. The first house of worship was built in 1851, at a cost of $840, near Lapham's Corners, or Brookville. The pastors, have been as follows: B. F. Pritchard, J. G. Spaulding, J. H. Castor, A. W. Wilson, H. Noble, S. Clements and B. F. Hedger, the present pastor. The first Sunday school was established in 1844 or 1845, with 20 members present. The average attendance now is about 50.

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