Bur Oaks Farm grows and sells popcorn under the Bur Oaks brand name and dry roasted soybeans under the Rabble Roasters name. It is located in Webster Township and is owned by Tom Bloomer and Rosanne Bloomer.


Bur Oaks Farm, located just a few minutes from downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been operated by Tom & Rosanne Bloomer since 1982. We are just the third family to own the farm since the area was settled by Europeans in 1827. The name Bur Oaks has been a traditional name for the farm for many decades, and comes from the several huge bur oaks that inhabit the property.

Trocchio also reported that she had sent some Rabble Roasters to the meeting with Stone. Rabble Roasters are dry-roasted soynuts made by Bur Oaks Farm in Webster Township, which is owned by greenbelt commissioner Tom Bloomer. The farm is part of the greenbelt programs that’s been protected with FRPP funds.

“Studebaker trucks are pretty unusual,” he said. “They didn’t make a lot of them.” Bloomer runs Bur Oaks Farm in Webster Township, growing popcorn and food-grade soybeans. The 54-year-old Transtar sees regular duty on chores. “This truck does get used for work,” he says. “It’s not a show vehicle.”