Where: between Wells Street and Granger Avenue at Lincoln Avenue adjacent to Burns Park Elementary School.

Amenities: Softball diamonds, basketball court, a playground, a Ga-Ga pit (added in 2015),  a small hill called Magic Mountain for sledding, lots of room to run your dog (please pick up after them and keep them on a leash).

Every spring the park is the starting point for the Burns Park Run, and when school lets out in the summer there's an ice cream social.


The park and the school are named for U-M botany professor George P. Burns, who was instrumental in the creation of the Ann Arbor Parks Commission. Formerly the County Fairgrounds for Washtenaw County, you can still see the remnants of the horse racing track in the form of two concentric, elliptical rows of trees. The former track is now just used for Burns Park Elementary School Gym class's dreaded "long-run," a tour-de-force of 5,280 feet, or four grueling laps around through the trees. Magic Mountain is excess dirt from the track's construction.

Note: Burns Park is also the name of the neighborhood surrounding the actual park.