Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee at this location was closed, remodeled and reopened as Peet's Coffee & Tea in November, 2013.Peet's has the same corporate parent as Caribou Coffee. The change is part of a plan by Caribou to exit the Michigan market; it has closed nine of its 22 Michigan stores, and the remaining 13 will be converted to Peet's.

Caribou Coffee is located 1423 E. Stadium Boulevard, at the corner of Packard. Coffee, pastries, corporate bagels. Free wifi available. A busy place in the Burns Park neighborhood.

Ten cents off if you get the daily trivia question right; the answer is written at the top of the registers in marker if you can read upside down and want to cheat.

A previous installation of this chain was on State Street near campus, but that vanished without a trace.

There's a location near the Sheldon Road exit in Plymouth.