Cetan Clawson is an American musician, born Nov. 10th 1987 in Toledo, OH and currently residing in Ann Arbor, MI. He is most known for creating the eponymous EP recorded in 2009 with Eric Clapton / Stevie Ray Vaughan drummer Chris Layton and releasing the hit single "White Heat" via Rock Band. Between 2011-2020 the group became known for stellar performances across the SE MI area performing many gigs in Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Toledo. The group has toured across the United States playing at such famous venues as Los Angeles's Viper Room and the 5 Spot in Nashville, TN. In 2018 the group performed a number of small open-mic style shows in the United Kingdom. In 2020, Cetan Clawson worked with famed producer Jim Diamond on the track "What's On The Other Side".