Charles E Hiscock (c.1854-1920) was a banker at the Ann Arbor Savings Bank and was mayor of Ann Arbor from 1897-99. He was the son of Daniel Hiscock and Maria White, and the grandson of Eber White.

Hiscock Street is named after him, a source of some amusement.

In the news

The Velasco World from far of Texas, under date of February 16, contains the following: "Hon. J. T. Jacobs and Mr. Charles E. Hiscock, of Ann Arbor, Mich.. came down last week looking for sunshine and opportunities to make the best investments possible. The former, who already has large interests in Velasco, is a member of the United States Board of Indian Commissioners and president of the Ann Arbor school board, and was prominently mentioned as a candidate for congress at the November elections. Mr. Hiscock is cashier and a director of the Ann Arbor Savings bank, an institution with $50,000 capital, over $1,000,000 deposits, and $150,000 surplus.

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