The Chelsea School District covers 120 square miles around Chelsea, and enrolls around 2,800 students. The district traditionally outperforms the statewide average on various standardized metrics, and its academic reputation has helped to drive the growth and gentrification of the Chelsea area in recent decades. The district has also been recognized as a reluctant leader in crisis management and counseling, having seen a number of high-profile tragedies in the recent past.

The district is currently operating 4 schools, and also provides some services at the Cassidy Lake Corrections Facility:

  • North Creek Elementary (K-2)
    • Was "North School"
  • Pierce Lake Elementary (not currently open)
    • Opened fall 1999, prompting name change to other elementary schools
  • South Meadows Elementary School (3-5)
    • Was "South School"
  • Beach Middle School (6-8)
  • Chelsea High School (9-12)
    • Opened fall 1998.

The district's administrative offices are located on the grounds of the old high school, on Washington Street.