Chi-Bro Park (209 Ann Arbor St, Manchester MI, web) is a 9.3 acre park managed by the Village of Manchester. The park is named after the annual Manchester Chicken Broil, which provides ongoing funding for its maintenance.

3.5 acre spring-fed pond, small dam, grassy area, woodlot, nature trail, swing sets, two grills, benches and six picnic tables, timber-frame pavilion, wood play structure, flag pole and light, split rail fence, two sand volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, and outdoor ice rinks. Landscaping is ongoing. A designated cross-country track extends through the park into adjacent property and is also used by the high school teams.


One of the obvious benefits of the annual July chicken broil is Chi-Bro Park. “Chi-Bro” is, of course, short for chicken broil. I always just laugh when I see the sign. It is just charming to think that a park has been named for a couple of days on the annual calendar. But the park is nice. It is located on M-52 on the north side of Manchester. The Manchester water tower is the obvious landmark to follow to find the park. And a walker heads right past this landmark on the way to the park’s interesting natural features.