Chupacabras, are they found in Ann Arbor? Discuss.

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"I have a strange question for you," I say to Fink. "I've called to ask about El Chupacabra." "That's not for me," Fink says. Strike two. And what kind of reporter am I to ask these questions - Chupacabra, pshht - of a scientist! Making a mockery of his field! "That's for our mammal division guy. Phil Myers would be the guy you want to talk to."

Biology Prof. Barry O’Connor said in an interview that the chupacabra is most likely a coyote infested with Sarcoptic mange. The legend of the chupacabra started from a variation of reports in 1995 in Puerto Rico, where balding, bipedal creatures with spikes on their backs were cited killing livestock by sucking their blood dry.