The Ann Arbor City Council meets on Thursday, July 7, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. at Ann Arbor City Hall.

A viewing party is happening at Workantile, 118 S Main St, if you want to watch on the big screen. Use the hashtag #a2council on Twitter to follow along.

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This is the first meeting of the new city administrator, Howard Lazarus.

Consent agenda: UA Block Party on August 15; ICC Street Festival on July 29. 

Contracts: PROCARE Tree Service for tree pruning; Proficient Training and Consulting for water dept. safety compliance; Bailey Excavating for a change order on the South Division St water main; Dawn Farm for the Sobriety Court; Resource Recovery Systems for a baler replacement at the MRF.

Parking: new Northside parking district, to address resident concerns regarding parking for Argo Cascades.

Public hearings: Alarm hardship waiver, Developer Offset Mitigation changes, Art Fair fees and street closings; Public Services area fees; 615 South Main.

Ordinances, second reading: Alarm hardship waiver, Developer Offset Mitigation. 

Ordinances, first reading: Kingsley Condominiums rezoning (221 Felch and 214 W Kingsley), Accessory Dwelling Units.

New business: amend Council calendar; Benjamin Muth and Alison Skinner reappointments to the Environmental Commission.

Elections business: proposal for non-partisan elections and for 4 year election terms to replace 2 year terms.

Development: 615 South Main Street site plan and development agreement.