Also called Kang's Korean. Korean restaurant on South University, one of many that serve Bi Bim Bop. Right near where Steve's Lunch used to be. Used to be a donut and coffee shop (hence the name), but it hasn't carried donuts for years now.

Relatively big menu for a campus area Korean restaurant, and very good food. Seating is limited, there's usually plenty of space for a lunch for two or four but you wouldn't want to try to throw a party there.

Decor is very humble -- linoleum tables, vinyl-covered chairs, etc. You order at a counter and they bring it out -- no real table service. You get your water or boricha (Korean barley-flavored tea, hot or cold) yourself from dispensers in styrofoam cups. Fountain drinks and cans of pop are also available. Prices are under $10 for just about everything, and Coffee Break is easily one of the great secrets of South University, particularly if you like divey places with unexpectedly good food. Kimchi panchan (side dish that comes with your meal) is surprisingly good.

I usually have the jang kuk bap (beef soup w/rice). Ed

I usually have the Bi Bim Bop and half an order of the man doo dumplings, but I sometimes go for the spicy squid. -- The prolific restaurant poster without an account

I love the spicy tofu -- best tofu in town, imho. Go for the brown rice with your entree; the texture is perfect. -- Also accountless.