Ann Arbor-based high-tech supplier of next-generation holographic and optical inspection systems to measure production and component quality in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical supply and semiconductor industries.

Coherix's digital holography, spun out of The University of Michigan, has been refined in labs and plants of many of the leading automotive manufacturers and OEMs. Its I-Cite software-based vision inspection systems handle equipment in the back-end semiconductor industry and other industries.

In 2003, the key members of the team that founded Perceptron and took it public got behind Coherix (whatever that actually means).

Coherix Headquarters 3980 Ranchero Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48108 Tel: 734-761-8989 Fax: 734-761-9193

In the news

Coherix offers technology that uses lasers to measure complex parts down to a micron, or a thousandth of a millimeter, in a matter of seconds. The system covers the surface of a part with laser light captured by a camera, then stitches together a picture to determine whether a part meets standards or is off by a few microns.