College Heights is a neighborhood in Ypsilanti.  The eastern portion of the neighborhood, adjacent to EMU's campus (and on vaguely higher ground) includes a number of grand, pre-war houses of various styles, and once was home to numerous faculty.  Moving west, the neighborhood transitions to post-war, 1950s and '60s ranches and split-levels. While the faculty presence is less significant, the neighborhood remains one of Ypsilanti's more desirable neighborhoods, with home prices above average for the area.

CoPAC's website provides this description of the neighborhood:

College Heights is a safe and family-friendly neighborhood that bounds EMU’s east side. Residents value Candy Cane Park, unique house styles, and well kept homes and gardens. Majestic flowering trees line the streets, where neighbors walk their dogs, garden, and socialize. Some home owners value the community's friendly and helpful neighbors so much that they have re-bought 2-3 times into the same neighborhood! Living within walking and bicycling distance to EMU and St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital are an added bonus.