Coffee in the Nickels Arcade.

Jim Saborio, the shop's owner specializes in high end, made to order coffee. Nothing is prepared ahead of time, so the drinks are freshly brewed using a variety of methods. There is a small amount of seating inside (about 8-10 chairs) and a couple of small tables outside in the arcade.

The beans come from a roaster in Canada, the 49 parallel. The beans are also available for purchase.


There are fifteen (one five!) options for drip coffee, not a single one of which has anything to do with size! A list of five different types of coffee- mostly organic, free-trade, and small lot varieties- sits by the register. Each of them can be ordered prepared via the pour-over drip method, a French press, or a vacuum pot. And did I mention the coffee changes daily? See where the indecision comes in?

Even in a town saturated with coffee shops, Jim Saborio’s Comet Coffee stands out with an exceptional brew. Open since March, Comet Coffee remains mostly geared to take-away cups. But recently they set out a pair of tiny bistro tables in front of the shop in Nickels Arcade, a place to sit and drink in the architecture. The coffee is a good match for Nickels’ dramatic setting.

  • @mysticbob: Bob Kuehne: Comet is open! We're the first customers and its spectacular. coffee. Bring your wallets and palates.