If you're driving a truck to make a delivery, there are specially marked spaces for where you can park temporarily to load and unload.

Permits in Ann Arbor not required

The City of Ann Arbor passed an ordinance to require a special commercial loading zone permit, at a cost of $200 for each downtown neighborhood or $700 for the entire downtown.

Commercial vehicles using the designated commercial loading zones on downtown Ann Arbor streets will be required to have specially-issued permits affixed to the driver-side front window, with enforcement anticipated to begin March 1, 2010.The permits allow vehicles with commercial plates to use the unmetered commercial parking zones up to the time-limit posted at each site. Sale of the permits has been temporarily suspended to provide an opportunity to review suggested changes to the permit use and pricing. Beginning February 1, vehicles using the loading zones in unauthorized ways will receive educational notices regarding the new requirements. For loading zone permit information, maps, and the option to be placed on an e-mail list to receive program updates, please go to the Web page here.

According to the Main Street Area Association, permit issuance has been suspended:

The City has suspended the issuance of Commercial Loading Zone Permits for the month of February. City Council and staff are currently reviewing the Commercial Loading Zone Permit resolution. Please send concerns to City Council. Contact information available at www.a2gov.org.

The proposal was so unpopular that it was discontinued.

City Council voted to discontinue the Commercial Loading Zone Parking Permit program on Monday, May 17, 2010. Businesses that purchased these permits for 2010 will be issued a refund check. Parking in marked, on-street loading zones will return to the previous condition of allowing parking access to vehicles with commercial license plates using the spaces up to the time permitted on the posted signs.

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