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Community High School (CHS) is an alternative public school (part of the AAPS) known for its small size and unique programs -- especially the Community Resource and Foundations of Science curriculum. It is located at 401 N Division St in Ann Arbor.

Students at CHS have traditionally had more freedom in scheduling and activities than students at the large high schools (Huron, Pioneer, and Skyline). CHS has an open campus policy: students can leave at any time, and classes will frequently walk down to Traver Creek to do water tests or through Argo Park for fitness.

Please note that the majority of CHS students are not on drugs.  In fact, CHS students have some of the highest test scores in the distinct, and one of the highest college attendance rates and go on to do amazing things! There are artists, musicians, scientist, journalists, teachers, doctors, and hundreds of other professional graduates of CHS  

A blind lottery is held for students to gain enrollment.

Community's current Dean is Marci Tuzinsky. Previous Deans include  Judy Conger, who left in Fall 2006;  Peter Ways who served until 2009; and Jennifer Hein until 2014.  


1972:  School first opened as Community High School. Previously, it was known as Jones Elementary, which opened in 1922. 

Community Resource Program

The Community's Resource Program lets professionals from the Ann Arbor community teach classes that they've developed to high school students. There's more info (and forms) on the CR website.

Classes at the University of Michigan, EMU, WCC, and other local institutions are also available through the program.

The Communicator

The Communicator is Community High School's award-winning student newspaper. Since its inception, the paper has gained a reputation under its advisor, Tracy Anderson, and has won multiple awards at the state and national level. In 2006, the paper won over 32 MIPA (Michigan interscholastic press association) awards, in categories spanning writing to web design.

The paper's official website,, won the state website award at MIPA's spring conference.

Polling Place

Community High is a polling place for Ann Arbor City 1-3.

In the News

CHS was recently featured on NPR's All Things Considered by reporter Larry Abramson.

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Dean: Marci Tuzinsky
Official school website:
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Phone: 734 994-2021
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