1960s electronics and radar research firm based in Ann Arbor, MI, as a spinoff of the U of Michigan's Radiation Laboratory by its director Kip Siegel.

Subject of litigation in 552 F.2d 797 POLIN v. CONDUCTRON CORP.

Siegel resigned from Conductron in 1967 in a dispute with majority stockholder McDonnell-Douglas and immediately started KMS Industries.

background information

Today's holography-related ephemera is a marketing piece entitled "Laser Photography" and produced by Conductron Corporation of Ann Arbor, Michigan. For holography history buffs, Conductron should require no introduction, but for the sake of the informal web visitor we shall say that this piece dates back to the 1960's, during the developmental years of holography. On a more popular note, Conductron produced all 500,000 of the laser transmission holograms placed within the 1967 Science Yearbook (with a production run of up to 16,000 per day, by hand). They were also a hotbed of early holographic research and innovation; and many of the methods and techniques used today can trace their roots back to the Conductron days (including full-color holography).