Cyrenus G. Darling (1856-1933) was an Ann Arbor physician and mayor (1894-1895). He received his M.D. degree from Michigan in 1881 and joined the faculty as 1889. He served as dean of the dental college. In 1894 he was elected mayor, and in 1915 he built the Darling Block for his private medical practice.

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The cornice of the Darling Block on the corner is embellished with delightful terra cotta ornamentation, an example of a typical Art Deco repetitive design motif. The brick "fireproof" structure was begun in 1915 for Dr. Darling with Malcomson, Higginbotham, and Palmer as its architect. L. D. Wines superintended construction. In 1917 Dr. Darling and Dr. Charles L. Washburne opened offices on the second floor for their private medical practices.

Darling, Cyrenus G. (1856-1933) — of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Mich. Born in Bethel, Sullivan County, N.Y., 1856. Physician; mayor of Ann Arbor, Mich., 1894-95; defeated, 1909, 1911. Died in 1933. Interment at Forest Hill Cemetery, Ann Arbor, Mich.

We’ve got deep roots in Southeast Michigan. Nearly 100 years ago, two Ann Arbor men, Dr. Cyrenus G. Darling, and Reverend E.D. Kelly, pastor of St. Thomas Church, recognized the need for community health care. They called on the Sisters of Mercy, a Catholic religious group in Dubuque, Iowa, to send some of their members to work with them in establishing a hospital.

In speaking of the great and devoted surgeons in this school I can not omit the name of Cyrenus G. Darling, who at first as Doctor de Nancrede's assistant and later as his immediate successor, honored his chief and himself in a splendid way. I am sure that I am not making an over-statement when I say that the love and admiration for him awakened by Doctor Darling in his students and professional colleagues throughout the state did much to cement and strengthen the bond of mutual helpfulness between the school and the profession of the state established by Moses Gunn in 1850.

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